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Isola Blended Butters Balsamic Creams

Isola Customer Picks
Spicy Calabrian Peppers
Size: 9.8oz Jar
Region: Marche
Price: $5.75

I love these peppers. First time I tried them..I just wanted to keep eating them! Great in sauces and salads too.
Isola Pesto Genovese
Size: 6.5oz

Price: $6.25

We love this pesto for its great flavor - wonderful basil but not too intense!
Susan L. - Chicago, IL
Formaggio Taralli
Size: 14.1oz

Price: $3.95

I cannot say enough about Tarallis. They are so good. They are almost like a dried biscuit. They beat any cracker out there. You can't go wrong with any of the flavors....
Traci C. - DALLAS, TX