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Isola Customer Picks
Isola Cream of Balsamic ~ Original
Size: 17oz

Price: $14.95

I have always loved balsamic but after trying isola original I can't imagine using any other. We use it on everything. even though we have others in the house we order from ...
Heather B. - Aberdeen, NJ
Spicy Calabrian Peppers
Size: 9.8oz Jar
Region: Marche
Price: $5.75

I love these peppers. First time I tried them..I just wanted to keep eating them! Great in sauces and salads too.
CampagniaWhiteCap Balsamic Vinegar
Size: 100ml ~ 3.5oz

Price: $100.00

Balsamic was much better than expected. I used it three times and it seems to get better every single time I've used it. Thanks Guys
Bryan C. - Forest Hills, NY