Isola Oils & Balsamic


The name ~ Isola Imports ~ is synonymous with fine Italian imported olive oil and balsamic. Isola’s imported Italian olive oils boast smooth, rich flavors so satisfying that you will look for ways to use them in every meal ~ the Mediterranean way! Isola’s olive oils are made from olives grown in our Nitti family olive grove in Puglia, Italy. Others feature bold flavor infusions like blood orange, rosemary and garlic that take Isola Olive Oils to a new level. Every Italian balsamic represented at Isola is truly exceptional! Carefully finished using traditional Italian techniques for capturing distinct full bodied flavor and vigorous aroma. Isola's Balsamic Vinegar of Modena adheres to the strict product certification system instituted by the A.I.B (Assaggiatori Italiani del Balsamico). The certified quality level is indicated by the number of leaves granted by the A.I.B. Isola’s Two Leaf and Three Leaf balsamic are of professional gourmet quality. Chocolate balsamic wows with rich cocoa notes and raspberry infused balsamic packs the perfect tartness. These authentic Italian olive oils and balsamic make perfect gifts for those who love delectable, aromatic flavors and silky textures for which fine Italian cuisine is known. Shop the finest selection of gourmet, Italian imported olive oil and balsamic vinegar so ridiculously authentic you can taste the Italian tradition in every drop, only from Isola Imports.