Italian Holiday


Isola Imports wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. We hope to bring success to your holidays with the finest gourmet products lovingly made by Italian hands. Products that have a history and a culture. Three of the founder's children, Jay, Lisa and Michael Nitti, carry on the tradition of excellence by endlessly searching for the best Italian artisans who produce exclusive quantities of natural goodness, so that families everywhere can enjoy the authentic Italian taste that is Isola Imports. Here's to delicious holidays foods like luxury panettone, glazed chestnuts, infused chocolates, a variety of chocolate truffles, handmade cookies by Biscotteria Bettina, crunchy or soft amaretti cookies, and a delightful holiday tin shaped like a van and filled with biscotti! Enjoy this magical season filled with gourmet Italian treats from Isola.