Italian Olive Oil & Balsamic Gifts


Handcrafted, authentic Italian olive oils and balsamic vinegar make perfect gifts for those who love delectable, aromatic flavors and silky textures for which fine Italian cuisine is known. Isola Imports is the go-to place for fine Italian imported olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Our imported Italian olive oils boast smooth, naturally rich flavors so decadent that you will want to use it in every meal. These refined oils are crafted by the most artisanal brands such as our very own My Brother’s Oil, made from exclusive olives grown in our family olive grove in Puglia, Italy. The expertly-made Italian balsamic we supply are so delicious that they rival fine wine in body and flavor. We’re proud of Non GMO ingredients and no added caramel to gourmet Italian balsamic vinegars. We craft our Isola balsamic vinegar with traditional Italian techniques to capture that distinct full body flavor and vigorous aroma. Shop the finest selection of gourmet, Italian imported olive oil and balsamic vinegar so ridiculously authentic you can taste the Italian tradition in every drop, only from Isola Imports.