Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Exceptional Italian extra virgin olive oil, such as Isola Imports My Brother’s Olive Oil, can be produced perfectly at an oil mill provided good quality, freshly harvested, raw olives at the right stage of ripeness. The primary star of My Brother’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the coratina olives produced in the Apulia region. Swift and proper handling between field and facilities make all the difference in bringing out the desired taste profile; fruity and grassy notes with a mild aftertaste of almond and a spicy sensation that is felt in the throat synonymous with authenticity. My Brother’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a high presence of polyphenols and a low acidity which enhances the oxidation resistance making it the longest-lived/most durable among olive oils on the market. Not only does traditional My Brother’s Oil come in a variety of sizes, it also comes in a variety of flavors. Try Isola’s naturally flavored blood orange, garlic, and rosemary olive oils. Want to expand your olive oil collection more? Try Le Ferre’s authentic Italian flavored olive oils. Their century-old olive trees represent the company’s dedication to quality, custom and solid roots. A beautifully rich olive oil that is made from only Italian Olives follow the 100 year old Tradition of the Carli Family, Olio Fratelli Carli extra virgin olive oil is a healthful and delicious thing to drizzle over everything. Isola PDO certified and organic oils are also on the rooster. Cooked, served raw or drizzled you can’t go wrong with Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.