Sauces, Tomatoes & Pesto


Isola Sauces and Pestos just what you need to perfect your poplar Italian food recipes for a weeknight dinner. Isola Gourmet Pasta Sauces are made fresh and taste fresh with no preservatives. Sauces boast all natural and gluten free ingredients. Our Marinara, Porcini Mushroom, Artichoke, and Vodka Sauces will all satisfy your cravings. Aromatic blends of herbs and spices finish off pasta sauces with a base of Isola Imports Italian plum tomatoes, grown in the rich soil and sunshine of southern Italy. Isola knows good tomatoes, especially Certified San Marzano DOP Tomatoes, grown in the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino area, these tomatoes are a famous choice of chefs around the world in creating sauces, soups, and other delicious dishes. More than just Isola Imports Gourmet Pasta Sauce, we present Linguini Sisters Sauces including Pesto Pomodoro Sauce, Pizza Sauce, Vodka Sauce, a Marinara and an Arrabbiata. Born to Italian immigrants, cooking has been a staple in the lives of the Linguini sisters and they’re still using the same all natural recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. The richness of colors in Isola's Pestos and Pates tell a story of their own! The story of Italy's fresh basil, black olives, brilliant red sundried tomatoes, and Italian cheese. Tasted and tested with a fine flair for the best combination of ingredients.