The Perfect Cheese Plate


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Serves 8-10 people, this Cheese Plate is the perfect assortment of cheeses for hosting. We have personally picked out each item to create the ideal blend of flavors.
  • Robiola Bosina, Semi Soft Italian Cheese ~ 8 oz
  • Cacioricotta Cheese di Puglia ~ 8 oz
  • Licini Dry Sweet Sausage ~ 6 oz
  • Licini Cacciatorini Salami ~ 6 oz
  • Isola Mediterranean Olive Mix ~ 9.8 oz
  • Isola Crostini Olive Oil ~ 6 oz
  • Isola Crostini Rosemary ~ 6 oz
  • Isola Sugar Free Wild Berry Preserves ~ 11.64 oz
  • Frollini with Cranberry and Sesame Biscuits ~ 11.6 oz
  • Lingue di Gatto ~ Lemon Cream Filling Cookies ~ 4oz
  • Lingue di Gatto ~ Sandwich with Apricot Jam Cookies ~ 8oz
  • Italian Cheese Knife 

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We hand-select our products directly from Italy's regions known for their native flavors and distinctive products.



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  • Casa Giulia Wild Berry Jam 
  • Isola Mediterranean Olive Mix 
  • Isola Crostini Olive Oil 
  • Isola Crostini Rosemary 
  • Robiola Bosina 
  • Cacioricotta di Puglia 
  • Licini Dry Sweet Sausage 
  • Licini Cacciatorini Salami
  • Frollini with Cranberry and Sesame Biscuits
  • Lingue di Gatto (Lemon Cream Filling Cookies)
  • Lingue di Gatto (Sandwich with Apricot Jam Cookies)

Product Details

This Cheese plate is specially designed to be shared. Our strong Crostini are able to hold all of the other gourmet ingredients you can find in this box. With sweet, spicy, salty and overall unique flavors let us do the work and you enjoy!

  • Robiola Bosina is a semi soft cheese with a brie like taste and texture
  • Cacioricotta Cheese di Puglia best served in thin slices or grated, well paired with meats
  • Licini Dry Sweet Sausage a gourmet sausage with a sharp taste and smooth finish
  • Licini Cacciatorini Salami sliced thinly this sausage is well paired with cheese and crostini
  • Isola Mediterranean Olive Mix, prepared in a herb oil mix
  • Isola Crostini Olive Oil, strong to hold and dips or toppings with a light finish
  • Isola Crostini Rosemary, crisp with an earth finish
  • Isola Sugar Free Wild Berry Preserves, a sweet and light flavor best paired with Robiola Bosina
  • Frollini with Cranberry and Sesame Biscuits add a sweet crunch and can be enjoyed with cheese
  • Lingue di Gatto ~ Lemon Cream Filling Cookies are a fresh and sweet finish
  • Lingue di Gatto ~ Sandwich with Apricot Jam Cookies with a light nutty flavor
  • Italian Cheese Knife perfect for serving!

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