Health Benefits of My Brothers Olive Oil

Nov 1, 2018

My Brothers Olive Oil is made exclusively from Coratina olives. It is intensely fruity with notes of grass or leaf and a spicy sensation that is felt in the throat synonymous with authenticity. It has a high presence of "polyphenols" and a low acidity, compared to the average, which enhances the oxidation resistance making it the longest-lived/most durable among extra virgin olive oils on the market. Certain characteristics determine when the olives are ready to be collected which is slightly ahead of the normal ripening period. They are then cold pressed for 36 hours which allows the oil to develop its sensory properties and health benefits. The taste profile comes from the special fruity, bitter and spicy taste. Due to these measures the olive oil keeps its exclusivity and guarantee in terms of source and uniqueness. The purpose of the polyphenols, which Coratina extra virgin olive oil is rich with, recently became very important to the European Food Safety Authority. The organization has made it important to recognize the positive properties of it. They work like antioxidants in the body and protect against the oxidation of triglycerides (the main constituents of natural fats and oils). This also ensures the stability of the oil during storage, that it remains nutritional and healthy. The olive oil is characterized by its green color with a golden glow. It has a scent of fresh grass and leaves and a slightly bitter and spicy taste. To finish it off there are light notes artichoke in the taste and smell. The olive Oil is produced and marketed as a product that satisfied the joy of exploring new and different things which is why it is recommended to be paired with multiple foods such as meat, fish, legumes, and vegetables. It can be eaten plain or as an addition to different foods.

Olive Oil is meant to make food the perfect combination of healthy and delicious. This combination is linked to the Mediterranean diet which is base around olive oil. Scientific research conducted on extra virgin olive oil in recent years by Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine and the University of Bari have found, from the medical point of view, positive results in…

  1. The fight against breast cancer with chemotherapy
  2. A healthier and longer life
  3. Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  4. Supporting the Liver
  5. The development and preservation of the nervous system
  6. Reducing the chance of stroke by 41% with regular use (compared to butters and other fats)
  7. Strengthening the phospholipids that help to add to the genetic makeup of intelligence by an estimated surplus of around 30% or more compared to normal children
  8. Bring an effective therapeutic ally in arthritis thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities.
  9. In protecting those who use it from several inflammatory skin diseases, such as acne, atopic dermatitis and other types of eczema.

Research by the Society Italian diabetes and the University Federico II of Naples, presented during the Congress of the European Association For The Study Of Diabetes (EASD) in Berlin (Germany), shows that extra virgin olive oil also protects against type 2 diabetes (especially in adults, and tied to food) thanks to monounsaturated fatty acids. Extra virgin olive oil created by Coratina olives is especially rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. It is a key element for those with diabetes mellitus, in how much it reduces the levels of blood sugar and insulin resistance typical of this condition.Olive Oil protects against cardiovascular diseases due to the capacity of hydroxytyrosol contained in secoiridoids, which encourages increased production of nitric oxide (a potent vasodilator) by preventing the oxidation of LDL Jipo protein that if oxidized is responsible for the formation of atherosclerotic plaque leading to narrowing of the arteries and the onset of heart disease.

For the nervous system Olive Oil is beneficial in the systems development due to its lipid composition which makes it similar to that of human milk, making it an essential food in the child's diet. In adulthood, however, it preserves us from diseases linked to the slowdown and the deterioration of brain functions, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. All this is thanks to the antioxidant action of oleic acid, the polyphenol and tocopherol (vitamin E) all found in Olive Oil. A recent study conducted by the University of Chicago has discovered how the Oleocantha substance in Olive Oil is responsible for the pungent spicy flavor. Besides being considered a natural anti-inflammatory, it also interferes symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. It is more digestible and healthiest among other fats and has an effect on the entire benefice in the gastrointestinal system, by protecting the mucous membranes. Oleic acid, in fact, reduces the production of hydrochloric acid and then prevents gastritis and ulcers. Also it accelerates the transit through the intestinal tract, promoting regularity. Lastly it promotes the activation of the bile flow and emptying of the gallbladder, hindering the occurrence of gallstones.