How to make Isola's Caprese Salad

Nov 1, 2018

A delicious authentic Italian antipasti Caprese Salads are a simple treat to make. Using the best ingredients is key to this combination and we laid out all the steps to make sure it comes out just right! Using Isola's Fresh Bufala Mozzarella and a bit of our Cream of Balsamic to finish it off your guests will be truly impressed.


1) One package of Isola Fresh Bufala Mozzarella

2) 6 Leaves of Fresh Basil

3) 1/2 tablespoon of Isola Cream of Balsamic

4) 1 Tablespoon of My Brother's Olive Oil

5) 3 Fresh Red Tomatoes

6) A pinch of Salt

7) A pinch of Pepper