Chris Kubkowski - Warehouse

Chris learned operational skills through many professions but his most in-depth experience is in carpentry and warehouse related positions. Chris has worked with teams of warehouse staff members for large food distributors and retailers which makes him an ideal person in the Isola warehouse. Chris is very hardworking with a great attitude and attention to detail.

Favorite Dish: "There is nothing better than a tavern style pizza"
Favorite Isola Product: "While I have not been at Isola Imports for a long time, I have tried a few products I have really enjoyed. My Favorite would be the Isola Vodka sauce over fresh gnocchi."
Cooking Tip: "When cooking it is important to not overcook your meat, you can ruin a great piece of meat and make it tough in no time at all"
Expert Advice: "Pizza comes in many different shapes and styles, which is fun to experiment with but may be unexpected"
Favorite part of my job/responsibility: "I enjoy the busy pace of my position. I always have something to do which I enjoy because I like to get things done"
Favorite quote: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" -Forrest Gump