Joe Ramirez- Driver

Joe has been with Isola Imports for almost 4 years working as a driver and picker at the warehouse. He considers communication to be one of his greatest strengths because of his respect and great interactions between himself and Isola's customers. He is very detailed oriented and ensures that he delivers merchandise right. He respects everyone at Isola and is proud to represent what this company is about, family.

Favorite Dish: Seafood Pasta
Favorite Isola Product: The extra virgin olive oils we carry, I use it to cook in all of my food.
Cooking Tip: Season your meats, even a little salt and pepper goes a long way to bring out the flavor.
Favorite part of my job/responsibility: My communication with my manager and treating customers with respect.
Quotes: "Without communication there is no relationship, customers always come first and should be heard"