John Nitti - President

John's strength has always been his instinctive ability to introduce the right new items and trends from Italy to his customers and friends in the U.S.. He loves to educate people about Italian cuisine and products; showing them how they are best used, what they pair well with, and adding interesting regional Italian history; where they are produced and who are the artisan producers. John volunteers throughout Chicago with this mission in mind. John is especially dedicated to volunteering at Mercy Home For Boys & Girls, teaching the kids the skills of how to cook healthy and delicious meals. John chose to go into the food industry after working at his cousin's store when he first came to America. He later went on to having his own Italian grocery store and has grown his business which today is Isola Imports. John has five successful children - three at Isola who enthusiastically continue to grow the mission of bringing Authentic Italian Gourmet foods to America's kitchens.
Favorite Dish: "My favorite Isola product is My Brother's Olive Oil. My Brother and I created this Oil from our olive groves in Puglia, Italy and we are very passionate about it. I use it on salads, bruschetta, over legumes, meats and fish."
Cooking Tip: "Serve your pasta al dente never over cook it! Even the best pasta when overcooked will still taste like glue"
Expert Advice: Always serve your favorite cheese at room temperature.
Favorite part of my job/responsibility: "Artisanal production of products have original taste compared to domestic products because of the raw materials used"
Quotes: "Eat less, but well."