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"The Crostini were quite good, so were the biscotti and the amaretti cookies.
Thank you for taking the time to care about customer satisfaction.
We'll continue to purchase your fine products.

Mike and Kathy Wisch"

"My family living in Northwest Wyoming can't find products like the Almond Biscotti! I love sending these to them and they give them to other family members who all enjoy them too."

"DELICIOUS biscotti...especially with a dunk in your coffee. We sat down to have 1 or 2 and ate the entire box. We will definitely be ordering them again."

"I buy your biscotti at Whole Foods Market, and they are absolutely FANTASTIC . . . but could you please make them "full size"? They're a little hard to dip in such a small size, and I feel like a pig when I take them with me to Starbuck's. Thanks for listening!"

"These are my all time favorite biscotti, and essential to starting my day with coffee."