Our passion in Italian cuisine has been the driving force in our commitment to our Chicago Community. John Nitti has been a proud supporter of multiple organizations for years with this passion in mind. Many of these organizations are aimed at assisting at-risk children in the Chicago area. John moved to Chicago at a young age and has created a life here from the connection he has made since then. After moving to Chicago and working at his family grocery store he found his passion for Italian food and created a need to share that with others. He founded Cook Italy, a foundation born in Chicago, with the support of leading chefs of local Italian restaurants, as well as Loyola and Benedictine University who shared in his goal. Cook Italy works closely with the children at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago to instill a sense of healthy eating in fun and unconventional ways. For many years John has worked with Mercy Homes by hosting events where attendees can enjoy delicious food and learn how it is made to cook for themselves. His next event will be a Pre-Marathon Pasta Dinner for the Mercy Home Heroes. This event was celebrating the heroes who raise money for the home each year doing the Marathon.

Read more about Mercy Homes and the amazing work John and other Volunteers are doing there: https://www.mercyhome.org/