Isola Rice


Isola Imports rice is specialized for authentic Italian risotto recipes and other gourmet meals like Sicilian Rice Balls (Arancini di Riso) or traditional rice pudding. Carnaroli Rice and Arborio Rice will soak up liquids with a thirst, but maintain a firm texture and bite. Widely known as the foundation for Italian risotto, Arborio rice is short, fat and pearly. High in Starch Content that is released in cooking, the rice becomes creamy and rich. Carnaroli rice, known as the “king of Italian rices,” has a higher starch content and firmer texture than arborio rice, which results in an even creamier risotto that's more difficult to overcook for new chefs. Carnaroli grains are also slightly longer and keep their shape better when stirred. Learn how to make the perfect Italian risotto at home with authentic gourmet ingredients from Isola Imports.