From the Southern Italian province of Puglia (the heel of the Italian boot) Isola proudly imports Vincotto from the Calogiuri family. Produced since 1825 using a closely guarded traditional family recipe, this Vincotto is produced by cooking and reducing the musts (pressed juice) of Negroamaro and Black Malavasia grapes, which are left to wither on the vine for 30 days. Aged in oak barrels for up to four years, Vincotto has a velvety body and a deep, sweet flavor, with subtle overtones of spices, grapes and prunes. Vincotto is a versatile condiment; just a few drops add great character to roasted meats and fish, salads and desserts. Combined with bacon and mixed with potatoes, you have a most original potato salad. At the end of a meal, use it to add a sweet tang to vanilla ice cream, fresh grilled peaches or pears. Or add a spoonful to plain yogurt with fruit for a new taste sensation. For the holidays, when drizzle it on sweets such as fried dough, raviolis with almond or pumpkin. Treat yourself any time with Gianni Calogiuri Vincotto. Rich in nutrients, this aged syrup is even good for you! Use your imagination with our Gianni Calogiuri Vincotto flavor varieties featuring raspberry, lemon, orange, fig and Classic Balsamic Vincotto.