Beauties from the sea have been table staples for centuries. A delicious source of high quality protein, seafood is a healthy choice. Isola’s Seafood collection will present beautifully as antipasti, in salads, or add flavor to your pasta dishes. A fresh, crisp and salty taste defines Isola’s Anchovies in pure Italian olive oil, professionally cleaned and hand packed in Sicily. Ready-to-eat Seafood Salad comes with a variety of delicacies like giant squid and Chilean mussel and is garnished with carrots. Enjoy a new twist on the delicate flavor and al-dente texture of Isola Calamari Salad, expertly seasoned with parsley and garlic. Callipo Tuna is straight from the Mediterranean Sea and hand packed to preserve the largest pieces of tuna in oil or tuna in water. Each piece of seafood will satisfy the senses.